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We proudly certify that our bakery specialties are handmade and produced fresh everyday with the best ingredients available in the country. To stay true to the authentic original French recipes, they do not contain any conditioners or preservatives.



Our traditional French breads are baked using our old fashioned stone oven. We use a traditional white dough for our famous baguettes, and our own sourdough starter in our country bread, the peasant loaf and wheat boule. We also have created a healthy eight grain bread using whole grains. All of our breads are made in the French style without dairy, oil, or preservatives.


Viennoiserie are French breads, made with yeast, with added ingredients such as butter, milk, and eggs. We have everything from handmade croissants and coconut macaroons to brioche and muffins. Every item is baked fresh daily with a quality that cannot be matched in Columbus.



The pastries of La Chatelaine are made with pride as we use made from scratch dough, cakes, and custard. The richness of our La Chatelaine cake comes from our homemade chocolate mousse layered in the perfect proportion with our genoise chocolate sponge cake and topped with Belgian chocolate ganache. We additionally serve our famous fresh fruit tarts, country pies, napoleons and seasonal items.